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Business Systems Analysis

The purpose of business systems analysis is to identify how technology, be it proposed or existing IT systems, should interact with existing or proposed business processes, users and business systems to ensure that tasks and data flow in the most efficient manner within the organisation.

With so much competition in the software and systems vendor market today, it is imperative that any business purchasing bespoke or packaged software and hardware solutions understand how these systems should map onto and interact with their current business processes and IT. This should be done before selecting a supplier who may be more interested in maintaining their margin than providing the solution that is really required.

Poor definition of business and functional system requirements leads to increased costs and delays when preparing to implement system changes or worse still result in major business needs being overlooked. This can severely affect the timeliness or overall return on investment that the business expects from its initial business case.

Working in partnership with the client

Cybarena has several years of experience working within some of worlds leading organisations assisting them to achieve their goals. We are strong proponents of understanding and measuring business processes to improve them and are experts in helping businesses understand how technology can be applied in many areas to help them do this.

For the client we offer a flexible range of services in this arena from monthly retainer based services through to taking on an entire IT improvement programme and helping you select and manage the right solution providers and services for your business. Because we are not a solution vendor we remain independent and always have the clients best interests at heart.

Project Management

Managing IT projects is a discipline that requires a broad range of skills and knowledge in several key areas including technology, business and people. A good IT project manager observes standard core project management processes and procedures and with out these a project, any project, can quickly fall into disarray often overspending and under-achieving.

One only needs to read the news to see reports of huge overspend and delays in some government technology projects to see that this is not an issue to be taken lightly for any business large of small.

Cybarena supports the use of best practice within IT project management and advocates the pragmatic application of structured project management techniques. For this reason your business may wish to turn to us for assistance either in managing it's IT project from inception to conclusion or perhaps to help reign in an IT project that is failing.

E-Business Consultancy

An extension of business systems analysis, E-Business consultancy from Cybarena will help you strip away the myths surrounding E-Business helping you gain a true understanding of how web based technology can be applied throughout your business and not just the corporate website. With increasing business broadband speeds, many smaller and medium sized businesses can now take real advantage of new ways of communicating with customers, suppliers and staff.

Cybarena will help your business formulate an e-business strategy, define your needs and help source the right supplier to deliver your solution. Because we don't build websites or sell software packages we remain independent and you can be sure we will keep your best interests at heart.


The outsourcing of IT and Business processes is now accepted as a cost effective method of managing services for large and medium sized businesses. Cybarena maintains a growing number of relationships with ICT, New Media and consultancy companies both in the UK, EU and the Asian sub-continent.

By leveraging our relationships you can be sure you will be introduced to the right service providers for your business.

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